A message from our Pastor:

In this life we have challenges. We may have personal challenges. It is a time of challenge at our church. If God cannot get us out, we are in trouble. God can! God will!

Psalm 3 is called a prayer of David and David mentions being pressed by many foes, but one enemy in part stands out as a lion.

We wake up each day in a world noisy with busyness and many demands for our time. We may be overwhelmed by events brought to us by the news, our boss, a family member, a physician, and the list goes on. We may desire a better circumstance for ourselves, family, even our church.

A person can be demoralized by great need. They may be apathetic about the necessity of praying. How can we avoid such realities? What use can prayer have in the face of governments, circumstances, other people, etc.? None, if God is not at work.

But what if praying matters? What if praying every day, really praying—would make a difference? What if making private praying and praying with others a main concern and changed things? PRAYER DOES MATTER!

I recommend you read Psalm 3. Here are verses 1,4 and 8. “O LORD, how my adversaries have increased! I was crying to the LORD with my voice, and He answered me from His holy mountain. Salvation belongs to the LORD. Your blessing is upon Your people.”

God is as much at work in the public as he is in the personal. God responds to our prayers. Prayers are to be encouraged. Praying matters!

Prayer begins in a realization that we cannot help ourselves, so we must reach out to God. “Help!” is the basic prayer. If we don’t know that we need help, prayer will always be marginal in our lives, a matter of mood and good manners. But the moment we truly realize that praying makes a differ- ence, prayer becomes a priority.

If we are to have success in 2017, real and effective prayers are essential.

One more thing. Would you pray that something special would happen at our church—each Sunday, each month, this year?